• How do I apply for change of name?

    A. Individuals
    Please write to KCPL, giving the following details

    • Reason for change of name accompanied by supporting document duly attested
    • The name(s) of the company(ies) in which you hold shares 
    • Full details of both your old and new names 
    • Your Ref Folio Number -which can be found on your share/debenture certificates or dividend/interest counterfoil

    B. Corporate
    Please write to KCPL enclosing an original or certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name. 

  • Can I interchange the order of names for my holdings?

    Yes. For securities held in physical form, the request for change in the order of names of registered holders should be made in the prescribed Transposition form available at the offices of KCPL. The form is to be signed by all the joint holders and submitted along with the certificates.

    In case you wish to interchange the order of the names for demat purposes, the form OA (available with your Depository Participant) may be duly completed in the desired order of names and submitted to them with the Dematerialisation Request Form and the certificates.

    Note:You can transpose full or part of the holdings. For securities held in electronic form, please contact your Depository Participant.

  • I have multiple folios, can I amalgamate the accounts?

    Yes, you can. If you have more than one folio with identical names and in the same order, please write to KCPL along with the certificates pertaining to the folio having the smaller holdings. Do not send the certificates pertaining to the larger holdings, in which account the multiple folio is being amalgamated.Prescribed amalgamation forms are available at all offices of KCPL.

  • I have certificates in various denominations, can these be consolidated into marketable lot/single certificate?

    Please send us the certificates, provided they are under the same folio, along with a covering letter to KCPL. If they are not under the same folio, but have the same order of names, please follow the procedure mentioned for amalgamation of the accounts to facilitate consolidation into marketable lots/single certificate.

  • Over a period of time, my signature has changed, what should I do to change my specimen signature in your records?

    Any change in the specimen signature should be intimated to KCPL immediately to enable mailing of the required forms. This is applicable only for holdings in physical form.

  • What should I do if my share certificates are lost/stolen?

    Please immediately intimate KCPL regarding loss of certificates, giving details of folio number and distinctive numbers. It is advisable to lodge a complaint with the local Police Station.

    Kindly send KCPL an acknowledged copy of the Complaint/FIR for advice on the further course of action.You should state

    • Name of the Company in which you hold securities
    • Your full name and address, as recorded with KCPL
    •  The distinctive number(s) of the certificate(s) that is/are missing
    If you do not know the number(s) of the missing certificate(s) please provide the number(s) of the certificates still in your possession. Please also state if the certificate(s) is/are lost or stolen. If the certificate(s) is/are stolen,we will require the F.I.R as issued by the Police. Your letter must be signed by at least one of the holders. We will send you the documents to be executed for issue of duplicate certificates. 

    In case you trace your certificates, please inform KCPL immediately so as to avoid any complexity/delay in future transactions.

  • How do I collect the new certificates issued on Exchange/Sub-division for some companies that I have not collected earlier?

    Please send the old certificates along with the computer-printed intimation sent to you earlier or a covering letter signed by the holders to KCPL. The new certificates will be mailed to you.